Monday, March 3, 2014

Meera's Polka Dotted Dress

Here's my second dress I made for Meera in one of my favourite prints. Baby clothes are so much fun to make. They are super quick and you can try out various techniques on them.

This dress has a yoke and is gathered below the yoke at the front and at the back. The back has buttons running through the length of the dress. I had drafted the dress with the intention of drafting and adding sleeves later. But thanks to travel and a bad bout of illness I took a very long time in making progress with the dress. I finished it in time for my Meera to leave for the US.

Meera was an absolute joy to photograph once she was given her favourite toy - her sheepy.

The back. The buttons are grey. You might spot them if you look closely.

My princess looks absolutely pretty in this dress. I really can't wait to make many more clothes for her.


  1. Both the dress and ur niece are simply awesome Suma!

    1. Thank you so much Vidya :) She left for the US last week and I'm missing her very very much :(

  2. Hi Suma, lovely dress you have made. Fabric is lovely too.

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