Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The 100th post

My dear blog,

Today you are 100 posts old. Congratulations!!! It really feels amazing that you and I have made it this far. Have I told you lately that I love you to bits. You might think otherwise given that there has been a lull in the posts of late. You do know that my non blogging world is busy, don't you? I'm not complaining- I like happy busy :) . And its all thanks to you my dear friend! The confidence that you have given me has made me brave to take up certain new things. I'm trying hard to give shape to my dreams and hoping that everything turns alright and my new venture is a success.

Our eyes will never be bereft of dreams and our hearts will jump with pleasure with every lovely comment we receive. Whatever we do we will always have fun. And that's my promise to you.

See you soon in the 101st post which for me would be equivalent to shouting from the hills:).

With lots of love


  1. Wonderful :-) Congratulations.
    Blogging is fun and reading thru our older posts is nostalgic.

    1. Thanks you Sangheetha :) That's exactly what I've been doing - going through older posts. Feels really nice.