Thursday, July 25, 2013

Leopard Print Palazzo Pants and Petal Sleeved Top

My previous post was about the wearable muslin of my palazzo pants. Here's the final ensemble with a slight deviation(the neckline) from my design sketch.

The pants are most comfortable. I absolutely love them. As I mentioned in my previous post I drafted these from an A-line skirt.

The top was a lovely learning experience. I learnt how to finish a V neckline (figured this out from a top that I already have) along with making petal sleeves and piping. A lot of hard work but also a whole lot of fun.

 This was meant for summer which I think disappeared faster than it arrived. Or did this take too long in the making? :)

But summer or not , I do hope to wear this a lot.


  1. Fashionable Pants, Love the leopard prints.

  2. Hi Suma, I have just started following your blog. Very impressed with your talents. I would like to know if you sourced the viscose materials in Bangalore. Can you please share the details of the shop its available?


    1. Thank you Sunitha :) Yes, the viscose in from bangalore. I bought it from a shop called Classic Cotton. Its located off commercial street.