Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Kate Shawl

The Kate shawl is done! Very happy and relieved. Relieved because it took me more than 2 years to complete this one. I started this just when I started feeling confident about my knits and purls. I was very excited to embark on this big project. I used to work on it every single day. Then I found that my friends who used to make blankets and afghans approached such projects differently - knitting a few rows every single day. I decided to follow this new approach and found it nice. New cardigans and tops caught my fancy and this poor little project took a backseat at times. Now when I look at this shawl I really feel proud since it tells a story of my knitting journey till now. Towards the end of my work the stitches look more beautiful and even. I feel proud to have grown as a knitter.

The pattern called Lacey Stole is available free. I used cotton yarn called Laura Isle Wolle and must say that the yarn was absolutely fabulous to work with.

Somewhere in the beginning, after a few inches into the lace pattern there is one particular row where I've purled all stitches instead of working the lace pattern. At that time I did not know how to rip back. And there were so many stitches to unknit. I was totally scared. My mother suggested to just let it be as it is just one row and not harming the project in any way. I was still unsure. I then came across this article (assessing mistakes part) which was along the same train of thought as my mother's. Once again I said - How can mothers always be right? and continued knitting. Now I'm actually glad I kept the row with the mistake just as it is. It taught me that its all a learning process and not to really beat yourself up on it. Do I know how to unknit?  Yes, now I do :)

Why I call the shawl Kate? When I started the shawl I used to watch the mystery/crime series White Collar. Every episode used to be about a different crime but across all episodes there was a common thread of mystery around Kate (the main protagonist Neal Caffrey's girlfriend). Just like that this shawl has formed a background to all my other projects. I do not know what happens to Kate in White Collar (I did not watch the second season) but my Kate has found her happy ending.


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