Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good Good Food

Cooking, along with knitting and sewing is way up there in my list of most favourite things. I took pictures of recipes that I tried the last few times.

Baked apple with caramel sauce

For my birthday I made Raymond Blanc's Baked apple with Calvados sauce. I love fruit in baking and this turned out lovely. The recipe is for keeps. Mine is just caramel sauce since I didn't have Calvados. My sauce turned a bit runny. I should have let it boil a bit more. But it tasted absolutely beautiful.

Mango Chocolate Cheesecake

My brother-in-law, his wife and kids visited a couple of  weeks back and I made a mango chocolate cheesecake for our newphew Akshay and niece Shreya. My first time at making cheesecake. I referred to 2 recipes: Deeba's No bake strawberry chocolate cheesecake and Anushruti's Mango cheescake . My chesecake has a chocolate layer too and uses Chinagrass/Agar Agar. The kids absolutely loved it and their delighted faces will always be fondly remembered.

Stuffed Tomatoes with lettuce sauce

More recently, I tried Chef Vicky Ratnani's Feta Stuffed Tomatoes with a lettuce sauce from the show Vicky goes veg. It is a lovely recipe with tomatoes stuffed with a mixture of feta cheese, olives, pomegranate seeds, parsley and a bit of salt.
 The flavours are mild and absolutely delicious. I grilled the tomatoes before stuffing them since I didn't want to stuff tomatoes straight out of the refrigerator. I used cottage cheese intead of feta and coariander leaves insted of parsley.
I somehow could not find this particular recipe on the site but here are his other recipes. Enjoy!!


  1. Hi Suma,
    These look amazing!! I love the way you photographed them.
    I must try these.

  2. Lovely Food.. I too love baking.. But all the time ppl say too much sugar, too much butter.. Yours looks lovely.

  3. good blog...