Monday, December 5, 2011

Sorbetto Top

When I first came across ready sewing patterns on the internet the concept was very new to me. In India people who make their own clothes have the only option of drafting it themselves. Many others get their clothes stitched by the tailor.

I have never used a ready sewing pattern for clothes before and chose Sorbetto as my very first one. It is a free pattern by Coletterie. Sorbetto looked simple, has got numerous postive comments and with so many lovely versions, I just had to give it a try. Right from finding a size for me and assembling the pattern to making my own continuous bias tape and attaching it , Sorbetto has been fun and a fantastic learning experience for me. The result is a top which I love. The only change I made is that I increased the length by 2.5 inches.

If you have never tried a ready pattern before then I recommend this for a start. When you print a pattern you should always remember to set the page scaling option to 'None'. This is extremely important to ensure the accuracy of the printed pieces. After printing, measure the test square to ensure that the whole pattern has been printed to scale. To be on the safer side first print the page with the test square and after checking the measurement print the rest of the pattern.

Like many have said this pattern is very versatile too. Mena's versions of this top inspired me to make my own versions. More of this in future posts.

This top travelled all the way with me on my holiday and was never worn since it was very cold everywhere :(


  1. How cute is this top! Love it

  2. Woot! this looks so lovely on you! great job on the top, Suma. Wish I had the courage to sew clothing items. sigh.