Thursday, December 15, 2011

Simple Skirt

You must have already seen this skirt in the black satin sorbetto post.

A few months back Corrine (of Threadbanger fame. Remember I mentioned her earlier here) put up a series of skirt making videos where she takes you from drafting a simple skirt to actually sewing one. I decided to make one for myself. My first drafted skirt was a pleated skirt which was simple and did not involve any invisible zippers. This skirt seemed a bit more complex with so many basics to learn while making one single skirt.

The tutorials have been a wonderful learning experience for me. I can't believe I sewed on an invisible zipper. That is one fear conquered.

Here is the sequence you would follow if you want to make this skirt.

How to draft a simple skirt pattern

Tracing a pattern onto fabric

Sewing skirt darts

Sewing an invisible zipper

Hand sewing a blind skirt hem

Sewing a skirt Waist band

Thank you Corrine for these amazing videos! I am one of your numerous fans who is thrilled that you are back with your youtube channel - Craftovison and on Threadbanger.


  1. The skirt looks gorgeous on you. great job,Suma.

  2. Nice,I loved all your recent posts!ur sewing is great!

  3. Liked the post