Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Zealand - Good As Gold

This was supposed to be a I'm-off-on-a-holiday post. It has turned out to be a I'm-back-from-my-holiday post. We returned yesterday from our holiday. I tried my best to post before we left but the days preceding our leaving were absolutely crazy. I was working on some handmade items for my holiday wardrobe( there is lots to tell you about this) till almost the day before we left. The day we left was Diwali and with all the festivities and the rain it is a miracle that we made it to the airport on time.

Our two and a half week vacation in New Zealand was simply amazing. It really is a spectacular country - good as gold as they say in New Zealand. My husband did a fantastic job planning the whole trip. My only contribution in planning was looking at hotel pictures that he had zeroed in on and say " yes, that looks good" It really amazes me at how good he is at these things.

I will be back soon with more on New Zealand and my handmade holiday wardrobe (this includes some knitted accesories and some sewn tops and a skirt).


  1. Oh, can't wait to hear more about the vacation and to see the handmade lovelies.

  2. looking forward to some pics Suma! its been our destination for quite some time now!