Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toast is the best, says Mummy dearest

Pattern : Toast

Yarn : RYC Extra Fine Merino

Needles: 3.75 mm circular needles

Bangalore has been quite cold the last few months. It was my mother's birthday on September 1 and my parents were here with us. I wanted to knit a cozy sweater for my mother as her birthday gift. My mother, who loves cold weather admitted that only her wrists and arms felt cold and what she really really would love is something that would keep them warm. Thats when I decided to make a pair of fingerless gloves for her.

She loved this pattern and she chose this lovely red merino from my stash. It was so much fun zeroing in on a pattern and choosing yarn with her. This pattern has 2 versions - one with a thumb (called Toasty) and one without. My mother was sure she wanted the thumbless version. So that is exactly what I made.

She absolutely loves these and promptly wore them on days when it got chilly. She even wore it in a mall once where the air conditioning was really strong. Imagine my happiness! There is no greater joy than making your mother happy.


  1. wow!can imagine how happy you were! and i love the way you took that pic..

  2. @Ninu - Thanks :) I too love how that pic came out.

  3. Beautiful, Suma. What is on your needles now?