Thursday, September 15, 2011

Satin Ruffled Clutch

Pattern : Curved and Ruffled Clutch

This one took quite some time to complete but the finished product is worth every single second spent on making it. And to think that I almost didn't complete it.

I usually use fabric that I already have in my stash for most of my projects but for this one I actually went shopping for satin. I had a midnight blue colour in mind and was delighted to find this gorgeous satin in exactly the same colour.

I found the tutorial quite easy to follow but I did make a few changes and some mistakes. But then, that is what learning is all about.

I used this video tutorial to cut bias strips which I used to make the ruffles : Bias Tape

There are 4 tiers of ruffles to be made. The length of the bias strip should be one and a half times the desired length of the ruffle. Since I did not have double sided fusible and did not want to do a folded seam, I zig zagged the edge and sewed down about half an inch.

Here is how the wrong side of the strip looks :

I also did a zig zag stitch on the other edge to avoid fraying at a later stage. This is really not necessary.
Now, if you compare my clutch with the actual one you will notice that my ruffles face the other way. This is because I attached the ruffles on the other flap piece. Now when the clutch is complete this really doesn't matter and the clutch is really pretty but you may may want to keep this in mind while making it.

And this is exactly when I abandoned this project. I felt that I was making too many mistakes, rueing the fact that I did not use dousible sided fusible tape for the edges - generally feeling that this would not work. After about a week I decided to just complete the project. I thought that if not anything this might be my lesson in 'what not to do'.

The rest of the project went off smoothly. Made a few additions. I topstitched the curved edge and also added a magnetic snap closure.

The clutch is very elegant. I'm already thinking of making it in another colour. Love it!


  1. Oooooh! gorgeous! its been a long time since I sat with my sewing m/c and made a purse. :-( you tempt me too much to make one for myself.. I even have some taffeta silk in my stash..

  2. How chic! It looks daunting to me, but you make it seem as if its too easy.

  3. Gorgeous and elegant!!!Love it Suma!!Wish I could sew like you!!