Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun Fabric Headbands

I'm packing (again!) This time I'm off to a nearby hill station where a dear cousin is getting married. It just isn't easy packing for a wedding. I thought I would return from Pune and post pictures(many) of the fabric store that I mentioned in my previous post. But with so much left to pack I think I will only be able to do it next week. C'est la vie!

Meanwhile, I thought I would squeeze in a quick post on something I made before I left for Pune.

Not only have these headbands been fun and quick to make but they are also extremely useful since I prefer to dry my hair naturally after washing it. They help in keeping the hair off my face as it dries. The plastic ones that I had earlier used to hurt my ears a lot. I absolutely love my new hairbands. I made 3 in a single afternoon.

And they are reversible too. Thanks to Jessica from Happy Together for the wonderful tutorial

Link to the tutorial : Double Sided Fabric Headband Pattern


  1. Oooh! Lovely. thanks for the tute link.. I'll try these sometime! waiting for your Pune travelogue..

  2. That is so cool :D I need some headbands for my unruly hair :) <3

  3. Oh I have always wanted to make these. Cute suma. Thanks for the link.