Friday, August 19, 2011

Cardigan Girl

Yarn : Lily Sugar'n Cream Solid

Needles: US 8 (5mm) circular and US 10 (6mm) for binding off

Tutorials that helped me : One -row buttonhole
                                           How to increase stitches across a row

11162 projects on ravelry and still counting. Is it any wonder that I chose this pattern for my very first cardigan. Buoyed by the success of Vesper I had decided that my next knit would be a cardigan. I absolutely love cardigans and it helped that this project was a knit-along with my friends. The process turned out to be fun.

Notes :

Cast on for size medium and used worsted cotton since it seemed like a low risk option for my first cardigan. I wouldn't feel bad if it went wrong. The yarn turned out to be very nice to work with.

I did a 3 stitch buttonhole. My first time making buttonholes. Looked difficult at first but got it right the very first time. Thanks to the wonderful tutorial.

Did 20 repeats of the gull lace pattern for the body and 16 repeats for the sleeves. Bound off using larger needles only for the body.


The buttons that I have used are made of shell and I have sewed them on using the same yarn. The cardigan goes well with jeans as well as skirts. Here I'm wearing it with my pleated skirt. Feels nice to be wearing 2 garments made my me.


  1. Wow so pretty!
    I too knit-started only a yr bck. But for now I am sticking to baby blankets and scarves only! Hope one day I progress to this level :-)

  2. mymy you look so chic in it.mine is sadly still in the garter rows

  3. Thank you very much for the lovely comments :)

  4. I can't knit but would love to possess a cardigan as beautiful as this.