Monday, July 11, 2011

Skirt Re-fashion : Boring black skirt to ruffled skirt

I had this long black skirt which I had never worn. No, not even once. Every time I looked at it I thought "What was I thinking" Fact is, I wasn't thinking when I bought it.
Here it is:

And here is what has become of it : a fun ruffled skirt.

I used American crepe -that is what the fabric is called in this part of the world (Bangalore,India), since I couldn't find any knit fabric. You can use any fabric that has a good fall. I think satin would work well too.
I hemmed the ruffles since I wasn't using knit fabric. This, I did by using a rolled hem foot/picot foot. It was my first time using this foot so it was quite difficult in the beginning. I did not manage to get a perfectly rolled hem till the end but the edge turned out quite neat . The rest of the tutorial, I followed as explained. It really was a fun project.

All I need now is a nice top to go with it.

Here is the link to the amazing tutorial that I followed : Anthropologie Ruffled Skirt
The tutorial also shows you how to make your own skirt if you do not have one that you want to refashion.


  1. Very pretty! U are turning to be quite a seamstress! :)

  2. I cannot believe that skirt turned into this gorgeousness!!

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely comments!

  4. That's a fantastic re-fashion!!! Looks great on you..:)