Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boxy Pouch Re-visited

I love the versatality of boxy pouches. They are also very easy to make but are probably one of those things where interfacing plays an extremely important role. I made 2 more boxy pouches a few months ago . For one I used iron-on fusible interfacing and thin foam. For the other I used only thick foam as interfacing. And this time I also quilted it. And they both look different from each other. The first one holds its shape very well but is not so squishy. The second one is squishy and yet holds its shape very well.

My mother-in-law has been using this pouch ever since I gave her. It now looks like its seen better days. So I thought it was time to give the boxy pouch another try. The dimensions are very different from the very first one I made.

Tutorial : Boxy Pouch

The pouch turned out good and mother-in-law was very happy

I decided to try something different when I decided to make it again. I used the same tutorial as above but changed the dimesions to 17" x 13" to make a larger pouch.

I sandwiched the foam betwewn the main fabric and another piece of fabric ( this is not the lining piece). I have tried something like this before for this camera cozy. I tried sewing the foam directly onto the main fabric - something like sew-in interfacing. Foam tends to tear when sewn and the process becomes quite difficult. Hence sandwiching the foam between 2 layers is important.

I then drew criss cross lines on the fabric, pinned and sewed down the three layers together. This acts as the main fabric. The quilted piece should look like this.

I cut the lining piece the same dimension as the quilted piece and  followed the rest of the tutorial as it is. For both the pouches I bound the inner seams with satin ribbon and it really makes for a clean finished product.

And here is the quilted boxy pouch

This pouch was a birthday gift for my friend Cefalo Susy. Susy is Italian and I met her in Florence (Ahhhh! Florence). We've kept in touch after our meeting and she has now become a dear friend of mine. It did take a while to reach her but I'm glad she liked it and has been using it as a jewellery pouch.


  1. Oooh! looks lovely. and, as usual I am in love with your fabric choice. Where do you get such lovely fabrics?! maybe, I should tag along with you next time you go fabric shopping. :D and, where did you get the foam? will send you a PM via Rav.

  2. Thanks! The fabric for the quilted pouch is from The Raja Bahadur mill store opposite Sassoon hospital in Pune and the other one is from the Bombay Dyeing store in Bangalore.

  3. I love the quilted look you have given the pouches. I too am crazy about this pattern. good idea to finish the inner seams with satin ribbon. Is the Raja Bhadur mill store still there? I use to shop a lot there but I had thought it closed down. I must visit it next time I go to Pune.

  4. Thank you Sandhya! Yes the Raja Bahadur mill store is still there. The mill has closed down but the store has good quality cotton at reasonable prices.