Monday, March 28, 2011

Olive Vesper

Pattern : Vesper

Yarn : Laura Knitting Cotton ( DK 8ply)

Needles : US4 (3.5mm)

Videos that were very helpful : Provisonal Crochet Cast- On
                                                   Short Row Tutorial

When it came to zeroing in on my first knit wearable, I was looking for something simple to knit, good to look and  something I would wear frequently. I finally chose Vesper. Knit in cotton, Vesper is a very well written pattern.

I started with a provisonal crochet cast on since I had decided to use Roko's mods where the pleats are knitted together and not sewn together like the pattern instructs. The pattern does have endless rows of Stockinette stitch. I used this to practice speed knitting and to also see whether I could knit without looking. It was fun.

I used Roko's method for pleating. It is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Since I was not so confident, I first tried it on a test knit and then pleated Vesper. I used thinner bamboo needles as 2 additional needles to do the pleats. I also added a lifeline on the row below the row to be pleated. Am glad I did this though the pleats turned out correct the first time I made them. After the pleats I did a k2tog at the place of each pleat to avoid holes at pleats.

When I did the sleeves I picked up a few stitches at the armhole to avoid gaps. I then wet blocked Vesper. The colour did bleed a bit when washed. Since it is cotton it did not stretch much. The yarn was very nice to knit with. But I do wish the resultant fabric was a bit softer. This is the only cotton yarn that is available here. So there isn't much I can do about it.

I love my Vesper. My first knit wearable (yay!) has been  a wonderful learning experience. Thanks to my friend Sanhita for helping me out whenever I had questions about the pattern. Thanks Heidi for this beautifully written pattern!


  1. Very cool,....
    Its looking wonderful on you.


  2. Lovely knit, Suma. The pleats hve turned out really good.