Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sewing with Vinyl

Here it is - my vinyl wallet. It is scrapbook paper sandwiched between clear vinyl and sewn together. My very first experience sewing with vinyl.

Tutorial link - Vinyl Wallet

My verdict- Not easy at all. But extremely rewarding if you are up to the challenge. What you might have heard about vinyl is true. It sticks to the presser foot making life so difficult.

Here are some things that I found useful and some things that you should keep in mind before starting off
1. Adjust the stitch length to the maximum.
2. I wish I had seen this tip before. Clever, isn't it? Since I didn't have a non-stick foot and hadn't seen the tip before, I found that giving the vinyl a slight tug from the other side helps.
3. I used needle no.21- the one I use to sew heavy weight fabrics.
4. Read the instructions carefully before you begin. But if you read it too many times you might get confused. This is one of those tutorials where things become clearer as you progress. Refer to the video and the text.
5. Practise with extra vinyl before making the wallet. I tried sewing vinyl and some glossy magazine paper together. It worked.
6. I found it easier to fix the snap after punching a hole with an awl first.
7. You need a snap tool to fix the snaps. So do not forget to buy these in case you are fixing snaps for the first time.

I found it difficult to sew through all the layers at the end (I did use medium weight vinyl). Maybe it was just my machine. I don't know. The next time I make this I will add just two pockets instead of three or might try a lighter weight in vinyl.

I'm in love with my new wallet. I'm sure the next ones I make will turn out better than this one. Practice is surely the name of this game.


  1. Oh my God! I cannot believe what I'm seeing..This is superb and you are a star!

  2. That is a lovely wallet! Where did you get Vinyl from?

    1. Thanks :) I think I got it from Pune. You'll find it at places where auto rickshaw covers are made.

  3. Any place in Bangalore that you know?

    1. Don't know of any place in Bangalore but do ask at places where auto rickshaw covers are made. Showing a picture of vinyl might help.