Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bean bag - Take 2

When it comes to sewing I feel like a child who has just learned to speak and wants to say so many things all at once. It really is a wonderful feeling that there are always so many projects that I want to make. But sometimes it gets confusing as to which should be the next project. The decision making process is even more difficult if you are a Gemini like yours truly.

Remember the bean bag I made earlier? When my sister asked me to make her a red bean bag it was one decision less to make. I decided to sew the shells and take it when I visited her in California. This time I used cotton drill. Drill is thicker than normal cotton. I followed the same tutorial as for the earlier one. The only change apart from the fabric was the filling and connected snaps that I used. The filling in the US is quite different from what is available here. The beans are much bigger. The connected snaps are hand sewn.

For the inner shell I used an old bedsheet. Here it is filled and ready to go into the outer shell.

The outer shell with connected snaps sewn and the inner shell inserted into it.

And done! Very happy with this one too. My sister and brother-in-law loved it.

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