Wednesday, January 12, 2011


While i was wondering how soon 2010 passed, I see that 12 days of 2011 have also gone by. Time just flies doesn't it? To thank 2010 for the wonderful time it showed us I made a three course meal of  oven roasted raw banana and zucchini salad, stuffed spinach crepes and walnut tart for our New Year Eve's dinner. Here are the pictures, all hurriedly taken since all we wanted to do was dig in.

The oven roasted raw banana and zucchini salad. The recipe called for a hazelnut dressing. I used pistachios instead.

Spinach crepes stuffed with cottage cheese served with tomato sauce and white sauce topped with cheese

And the walnut tart. I did not have liquid glucose which the recipe called for. I substituted this with golden syrup. The filling turned out gooey but tasted very very good. I served it with whipped cream. Could not wait for the tarts to cool a bit. You can see all the whipped cream melting away.

Three new recipes + one inspired cook = a memorable dinner

I hope the year has gotten off to a great start for all of you. Here's wishing that all the good times continue.

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