Friday, October 22, 2010

On a holiday me !! I'm having a fantastic time and there are 3 more weeks to go before my holiday ends. Presently, i'm in beautiful California spending time with my dear sister and brother-in-law, after having visited Virginia (had a great time with Ganesh's brother, his wife and 2 adorable kids) and New York City. It rained cats and dogs in New York so had to give Central Park , which i so much wanted to see, a miss. But just feeling New York was amazing. I had the best Tiramisu in a restaurant called Fresh Basil on Lexington Avenue. We went to Times Square at night and loved it so much that we went there the subsequent evening as well.

We had a hard time looking for hotels in New York online. Everything was either way beyond our budget or very far from the main attractions of the city. But in the end we did find Verve. Clean and very comfortable rooms, excellent staff, good breakfast and extremely convenient location. There are 2 subway stations (Queens Plaza and 39th st) within a 3 minute walking distance.

Some places which i loved

National Museum of American History in Washington D.C.

If you love visiting museums you will first have to decide which of the nineteen museums you would like to visit in this city. Admission is free to all museums. Isn't that great? We chose the National Museum of American History.I was fascinated by this museum. It shows that museums need not be boring. A day is not enough to take in everything displayed here.

There was an exhibition of pop up books with exhibits spanning four centuries. Also the recreation of Julia Child's kitchen was very well done. There's a science lab with many interesting projects to try out. I made a electric fan using snap circuits. The most delightful moment was when i switched it on ,after completing the circuit, and the fan launched itself high up in the air for a few seconds.

A visit to this museum is definitely recommended.

Here's a picture of Julia Child's kitchen

A pop up book

Vintage lunch boxes

 A 23 room doll house which once belonged to a girl called Faith Bradford (1880-1970)

Reston Town Center, Virginia

Here is where i got to see Anthropologie and Pottery Barn having read about them all this while on various craft sites and blogs. And did i love these stores! Everything on display is extremely beautiful and an inspiration if you are a crafter.

G street fabrics, Virginia

Fabric heaven. I bought only a couple of pieces of fabric which were on sale since, apart from cotton, i do not have much experience working with other fabrics. So was being safe in my purchase. Exploring fabric stores in my time left here is on my to-do list.

Rangoli Restaurant, South Riding- Virginia

Owned by my husband's brother, i had the most amazing Indian food here. This is the first time we got to see Rangoli. Was really nice to see this restaurant that we had worked together on. Ganesh and I did our bit during the planning phase - brainstorming  for the name of the restaurant, ideas about the decor, menu etc.
Over the last 4 years its gone on to win many awards. Truly a proud moment for all of us.
The tag line  'Celebrate India' is by yours truly.

Here's the link to the restaurant site: Rangoli

Yarn stores

Visited Imagiknits in San Francisco and Uniquities in Vienna (Virginia). Fantastic stores both of them. It was really wonderful to actually touch and feel all the yarn i had only heard about. I was spoilt for choice. Both the places have extremely friendly staff.

Here's a picture of Uniquities

Monterey Bay Aquarium California

My awe for the creator increased hundred fold when i visited this aquarium. I could easily spend every weekend just watching these amazing creatures. Saw this quote which says ' The world under water is the closest we can get to another world'. I couldn't agree more. Look at these pictures:

Leafy Sea Dragon

Love the colour on this fish and the coral reef behind it

Mystery Spot ,Santa Cruz, Calfornia

You just have to visit this place to experience something that science hasn't solved yet. Its super fun for all ages. Here's where you get to walk on the wall as if you are climbing up the stairs. Its just one of the many things you get to experience. Don't read up on this place before you visit. It'll spoil the fun.


  1. Lucky you! enjoy your vacation! forget about fabrics.. we will get them aplenty here.. stock up on yarn instead.. then ones u have heard so much about but never get a chance to try..

    Thanks for sharing the photos.. :-)

  2. Lovely write-up,Suma.
    Why don't you try scouring for Amy Butler fabric? She has the most amazing prints and color combinations.
    Julia Child's kitchen!! Envy..Envy..