Thursday, September 9, 2010

Craft Room Part 4 - The Complete Picture

I have a smile on my face as i am typing this. My craft room is complete and writing about it is giving me immense pleasure.

I never had thought i would do something like this one day. That making stuff would become so important to me.

Sometimes life throws out your best laid plans out of the window when you are nowhere beneath the said window. What do you do? You rant and do the why-me routine. Its absolutely necessary. Then you go through one day into the next with the mantra 'Chin up, straight back, forward march'. You sometimes feel your worst - and that's when you should dress up your best(believe me, it works! ). When you are busy getting yourself together life then surprises you and might even sweep you off your feet. And all that is exactly what happened to me. When things went topsy turvy I discovered a new found love to crochet, knit and sew. Maybe i always knew i liked to but not so much. And now i am so happy to have discovered this part of me. Things do happen for a reason after all.

So, here's my craft room done up with lots of love. Am very happy and proud that its all done. I'm glad that i decided to get the whole room painted a single colour rather than just having an accent wall painted. The whole journey from deciding the colour of the curtains, choosing the material and print for everything , learning from tutorials to taking pictures of the completed product has been wonderful in terms of learning and joy experienced.

Here's how the room looked initially. We were making do with the curtains from our Mumbai home.


And after

The room takes on a different look at night. Its the place to relax ,write or simply dream. Have added a string of fairy lights on the curtain rods. I love fairy lights and they make the place look magical.

The wardrobe in this room houses all my craft paraphernalia. I use detergent boxes and paper bags as storage.

Am planning to beautify the boxes someday by decoupage, something i tried once earlier on this box below.

A few favourite things

A photo of us taken in Barcelona on the table - a reminder of the fantastic vacation we had. Since the picture was much smaller than the frame, i used printed paper as a background.

A ceramic mug with a Hindi movie picture on it and a coaster gifted by my friend during one of our Ravelry meets.
And a candle stand on top of my grandfather's wooden chest. I wanted it to hold a few tea light candles but the area available at the base was not enough. I increased the height of the container by adding rangoli powder to it (you can also use sand). The area available increased and i can place 4 tea light candles in the container now.

Here's to many more happy hours of crafting in my world!


  1. Very very very very very beautiful room :)

  2. lovely! You are so organized! I can only dream!:-)

  3. Suma,
    A truly amazing makeover. The transformation is absolutely 'magical'!!! I love the green of the walls - reminds me of a granny smith apple...:) Good show.

  4. well organised room,indeed beautiful