Thursday, August 12, 2010

From Thatha, with love

Thatha is Tamil for grandfather. That's what i would have called my paternal grandfather had i had the good fortune to see him. He passed away long before I was born. I only know of what a loved and respected person he was from the account of all the people who knew him.

He lived in Mysore with his wife and 9 children. Things were difficult those days and more so with a large family. When he found it difficult to make ends meet with his meagre salary as a school teacher he decided to take up repairing watches and clocks. This he learnt purely by observing a watchmaker. My grandfather then went on to opening his own watch shop and was always sought for repairing watches and clocks that belonged to the Mysore Royal family.

I always wanted to possess something that had belonged to him. So when i saw this old wooden chest waiting to go off to the junkyard i promptly lay claim on it and have got it restored. The people who restored it have done a great job of it. I got it restored at a small shack-like shop on Kanakapura road. They only restore old furniture. They also have a good stock of vintage furniture which they restore according to the customers' specifications.

This wooden chest is now a part of my new craft room. Yes! i've given the room i craft in, a new look. The room has now got a lick of bright colour. I have made new curtains and a polka dotted pink bean bag. It also has this new sparkly wooden chest which is very dear to me. More about the craft room in later posts.

The wooden chest before restoration

And here it is in its new avatar


  1. Wow!!I love everything vintage..And this chest must have so much emotional value too.

  2. Thats a lovely thing to do! I wish I had things that remind me of my grandparents! and, you have a craft room for urself?! you are a lucky lady!

  3. Its gorgeous! I have a thing for ancestral things too.

  4. nice post about thatha :) I call mine thatha too ,beautiful chest

  5. What a lovely chest it is!! You have done a wonderful thing by getting it and restoring it to it's glory!

  6. What a lovely write up Suma! what a lovely addition that chest is to your craft room!