Thursday, August 19, 2010

Craft Room Part 2 - Pink Polka Dotted Bean Bag

Curtains done, I now wanted some kind of informal seating for this room. The right opportunity to make this bean bag here on Threadbanger . I love Threadbanger. Sad that Rob, Corrine and Meg are no longer part of team Threadbanger. But then, change is the only constant, isn't it?

In this video Meg explains how to make a bean bag with cotton fabric. I chose this pattern since you can remove the outer shell for washing.
The pattern is really simple. Since its a big pattern you will need to attach some newspaper pages with scotch tape before starting.

For the circle which is 12 inches in radius, I did not have the kind of tape measure that Meg uses. So, i drew some intersecting lines all passing through one point. I then marked 12 inches on these lines measuring from the intersecting point. I joined all these points free hand to form a circle. Followed the tutorial as it is for the rest of the pattern.

I used an old double bedsheet for the inner shell. For the filling i used bean bag filling along with scrap fabric and cotton pillow filling.

For the main bean bag body i used two metres of thick cotton fabric whose width was 60 inches. I could not find series snaps hence used velcro for the opening in the outer shell. Sewed velcro without a zipper foot. I found it quite easy. The trick is to sew very slowly taking care that the needle does not come onto the sticky part of the velcro.

Some WIP pictures

Tracing the outer shell using the pattern

2 pieces of outer shell

Joining the centre of one arc to middle of the top of the other circle.

The finished bean bag which my little Miss Sunshine adores. So what if she's not real!


  1. Oh this is super duper gorgeous! Love it!
    That said, I didn't know Rob, Corrine will no longer be on Threadbanger :( They're so intrinsic to the show!

  2. wow...that looks awesome...i lvoe the fabric too

  3. Absolutely gorgeous :) Love pink, polka dots and little miss sunshine :)