Friday, July 30, 2010


Last month Bangalore experienced really high temperatures. We decided to spend a weekend in Coorg, having wanted to visited the place many times and having heard about it so much.

We left the day after my birthday and the drive from Bangalore to Mysore extremely hot. Summers are supposed to be a great time to travel to Coorg but the heat made us wonder if this is true any longer. Global Warming is staring us in the face and just not another term we read in the newspapers.

So, we got off the highway after Srirangapatanam just before Mysore and took a right towards Hunasur. After a coffee break and about 5 kms after Hunasur we took a deviation and got onto a rickety road which we were told by our lodgers was a shortcout. That was a 40km stretch and as we approached Coorg the weather turned from extremely hot to gorgeous. Just like that. Enroute, we also polished off some leftover pizza from my birthday dinner ( with the rains my husband's grand dinner plans for my birthday went kaput. We did have a nice cosy dinner at my favourite Italian joint near our house. I love nice,cosy and familiar )

We then got onto a narrow road after a quaint village called Titmathi which led us to our destination Polibetta after 9 kms.It took us exactly 6 hours with two breaks to reach our resort Plantation Trails run by Tata Coffee - a beautiful British Raj bungalow in the coffee plantations in Polibetta. Relaxed that evening and went on a guided tour of the plantations the next morning. Apart from coffee, spices like pepper and cardamom are also grown in these plantations. There's a golf course run by Tata Coffee which can be used by guests at the resort. Ganesh tried his hand at golf while i read under a tree listening to the chirping of birds. Bliss!

We took a different route on our way back. We drove to Siddapura from Polibetta (20kms) and then we stopped at Bylakuppe just after Kushalnagar (40kms) to visit the beautiful Nyingmapa Tibetan monastery. Would have loved to know more about the life the monks lead in the monastery and the architechture which is so unique but there really wasn't much time.

Some pictures from our trip.

The road changed from this

to this
A village post office. This is one of my favourite pictures. It reminds me of lazy summer vacation afternoons. I love small town India.

This is where your morning cup of coffee comes from

The coffee plantThese are coffee cherries which contain the coffee beans. These beans are processed before they are packed.

And here comes pepper. The green peppercorns ripen and turn red and then black. These black peppercorns are then processed to obtain white peppercorns.

My favourite spice vanilla.

The beautiful Nyingmapa Tibetan monastery. I love the way the wheel like dome reaches out to the sky. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that this wheel symbolises the circle of life. The locals call it the Golden Temple not to be mistaken with the famous Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Tibetan Thangka paintings on the walls of the monastery.

Inside the monastery

Coorg merits a nice long stay. We'll surely be going back.

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