Friday, May 28, 2010

Black Forest Gateau

Sometimes someone has more faith in you than you have in yourself. And this, i think, makes you to do/try things that you are not confident of doing. For me it was our 9 year old niece Shreya. She wanted me to bake her birthday cake. The request had started almost 2 months back and she kept on repeating it every time we spoke.
I must have only made about 5 cakes in my entire life and this was a birthday cake. But i really really didn't want to let the child down. This is the result of my effort- with help from my sister-in-law Chitra. The recipe is from this fantastic blog passionateaboutbaking

The icing is wonky. I really have to buy an icing bag. You were going to say that, weren't you?
This once i have decided to forgive myself about the wonky icing since i'm very very happy about 2 things - a extremely tasty (if i may say so myself) gateau and a very very happy 9 year old.