Monday, April 19, 2010

Hat's on!

I am not a person who is focussed on one project at a time. I'm completely disorganised in that. This wide brimmed hat was an exception. It held my attention throughout. It is easily the most difficult project i've attempted until now (not that i've done a lot of sewing). I started it when we were planning a holiday to Sri Lanka in February. My goal was to wear it to the beach. And i'm so proud of myself for sticking to this and completing it in time. This was also another lesson in pattern making.

I could not find fusible fleece here so had to use iron-on interfacing. Attaching the brim to the crown was very difficult for me. The rest was much easier than i thought it would be.
Oh! and thats me in beautiful Sri Lanka.

Wide Brimmed Hat

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