Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My starling bag

Have finally managed to complete my starling bag. The pattern is by Alice Merlino. Its a fantastic pattern. Very well explained and easy. I can't believe the lining took longer to finish that the bag itself. I blame my laziness for it. Am extremely happy that i lined it though. I added a zipper and a cardboard piece covered with fabric for added support. Thank you Alice for such a beautiful and well written pattern. The tutorial for lining a crocheted bag is also great.
And i just love the fabric flower. Its unbelievably simple to make. Here it is : Fabric Flower


  1. hey dear u have kniited it wonderfully fantastic yaar

  2. I love it! NICE WORK! :)

  3. Beautiful bag. Gone through most of the posts. Very nice. Visit my blog in your free time.