Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My sewing projects

Some of my previous sewing projects. My very first project was a craft apron which is based on a tutorial on . This is a great beginner project and a very useful one.

After the success of my first project i felt adventurous and followed this fantastic tutorial and made a ruffle top for myself.

Then i turned my attention to making bags. So made my first cosmetic pouch. Again it was successful thanks to Florence from I actually enjoyed the process of making the pouch. It was also the first time i used a zipper and attached it without using the zipper foot.

Sorry about the picture. But thats the only one i have for now.

Then made an apron as a gift for my lovely sister. Here she is posing in it.

The apron pattern is from the Threadbanger blog. I made a few changes by adding a pocket and using a bias tape along the edges and straps of the apron. I really love aprons. I somehow feel and work better when i have one on. Its like an uniform for housework.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who've taken time to post detailed tutorials so that people like me, who purchase sewing machines having no idea how to use them or what to make, can actually whip up something decent.

And Long Live the Internet!!!


  1. Oh my!! Suma, you are already sewing like a pro!!! Very inspiring and what wonderful prints you have got!! Let me see whether I can gather up the courage for starting on sewing......

  2. This apron is for keeps...You've made it soo well..i wear it everyday :D Have got lots of compliments for it

    Your sis :)

  3. Oh wow Suma! I love your sewing projects - so beautiful, esp the apron and the ruffled top! So cute!

  4. Your apron and top are super cute. You have inspired me to take up sewing now.:)

  5. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments!! I am the one who's inspired. Running to my sewing machine right now :)

  6. I love the top! I wish I had a figure to carry a top like that! I've eyeing this top pattern for a while! Craftster is a fun place for patterns!