Monday, August 31, 2009

New Camera

Sunday was one of those days when you are happy for no reason and for once the day really turns out as planned. Had wanted to visit the bookstores on Church street for ages and finally managed to go. And did i have fun!!! First went to the Blossom bookstore. Its a three storeyed building and the store looked like it couldn't accomodate one more book.

So i decided to be kind and relieve it of some load. So, here's the loot.

And yes the picture is taken with my brand new camera.

Have already read Sophie Kinsella's Remember me and passed it on to my sister but decided to buy another one for myself. I love this book and I think this book will make a good movie. Wonder if you get paid for suggesting books that'll make good movies.
The butterick sewing book - blue and The Classic Techniques book (the pink and black book) will keep me occupied for months.
The magazines in the top row were bought at this wonderful magazine store which stocks back issues of magazines from the UK and the US. Saw some German magazines too. Again on Church street this shop was nothing short of wonderland for me.

The day ended with a nice dinner at a place called Hongkong Hustle down the same road. Great place, good food, great day and lots of books = Happy me

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